To Have Joy
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To Have Joy will help you find and expand your joy, love yourself and connect with the world around you.
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* Find your personal or professional passion
* Smoothly move through life transitions
* Identify goals and achieve them
* Love yourself and the world

Let us know how we can fill your life with joy.
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​Your Joyful Life Coach will help you achieve your greatest joy!

Your Joyful Life Coach is Rachael Lyddon.  Rachael is a Certified Life Coach.  She has an MBA and MED and has presented at workshops across the country.  Rachael has been counseling with people to improve their lives for the past 20 years. She welcomes you with open arms. Whatever your needs, she is here to help you make progress and love your life and yourself.

You may work one-on-one with Rachael as she guides you through questions and activities especially designed to help you determine the path you want your life to take.  

You may also work with Rachael in a small group setting.  There are many workshops you may choose from.  Identify and work towards several goals with the support of your life coach and peers.